Personalised Glitter Print


Lillie Bernies glitter prints capture the magic of your memories. Fantastic gifts for the special people in your life. 

Please be aware, all prints are unique and hand embellished. 

Paint - white paint splashes on print (looks best when the photos are in motion - such as, dancing and moving people in photos)

Unless specified each print will be created with the artists discretion.

Upload original version of photo, the artist will change to Black & White

Frames not included 

Please specify if preferred with only glitter or with glitter and white acrylic paint splashes.

Photos can be uploaded in colour, we will change too Black and White. Please make sure it is the original photo, and best quality.

Delivery 1 - 2 weeks

Photos work best not with black clothing.

Size Guide
  • Made from: High quality art paper, Acrylic paint, Glitter, 
 Black and white

  • Photos work best when parts of outfits can be seen ( we don’t advise selfies or close ups)

  • Best pictures are when the outfits are not black so you can see more definition of the clothes with the glitter.

Personalised Glitter Print
A5 / Only Glitter - £70.00
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