Bringing the magic to your next event!

Give your guests an interactive and creative experience that will have them talking about your party.

The result is nothing short of mesmerising, promising to add a touch of magic to your memories.


Glitter Photo Booth
Lillie has an enchanting touch, she takes your photo booth images and transforms them into magical pieces, adding sparkle to your photos.

Why choose 'The Glitter Store Photo Booth' for your event?

Memorable Keepsakes: Lillie's magical touch ensures your guests leave with not just photos but stunning pieces of art they'll cherish forever.

Whats Included:

  • Glitter Artist
  • Photo booth
  • 30-40 prints per hour size 6x4
  • Personalisation with logo or name on photo
  • Guests can pick up photos throughout the night.
  • Envelopes for prints


  • Extra prints for display
  • Personalised stickers for envelopes 8x10 print in frame of client to sit on desk throughout the event and to keep after the event
  • Travel


Name settings

Choose a photo for each guest around the table to be turned into a magical glitter print! 

You can choose either a photo of themselves which can be taken from their instagram, or one of you and your guest! 

Not only does it make a great name setting, but its a lovely going home present so your guests remember your event forever! 

12 Prints in silver frames: £450

25 Prints in silver frames: £850

50 Prints in silver frames: £1250

100 Prints in silver frames: £2500

Prices are subject to VAT




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